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Terms & Conditions

  1. Any Payment made cannot be refunded and kindly plan your slots before booking.

  2. Any cancellation or changing kindly notify us 2 – 3 days before in advance.

  3. Cancellation or rescheduling on the same day of appointment will be blacklisted by the company.

  4. After booking confirm, you will receive a confirmation message or booking confirmation from us. If not kindly ask from the customer service. Any appointment with no confirmation message, will not be made.

  5. CASABELLA does not provide after renovation cleaning. If any booking with after renovation cleaning without inform, we have right to cancel the booking and ask for the transportation fee.

  6. For move in/out cleaning, we recommend to book for our move in/out package that included tools and detergents. So that we can provide better and easier cleaning.

  7. When the cleaners enter the house kindly instruct her for the first visit cleaning.

  8. We recommend that you are present at the home. So, you can give the cleaner instructions and access to your house.

  9. To avoid potential issues or misunderstandings, we highly advice to keep your valuables such as jewelry, cash and expensive gadgets in a safe place and do a bag check before or after the cleaning session. Company or cleaner will not be responsible on any loss or damages from the accidents occurred.

  10. Our Cleaners are well-trained in General House Cleaning it depends on Customer to Customer how they want the Cleaners to customize their own way for cleaning.

  11. Kindly check the work of the Cleaner half an hour before the time ends.

  12. We cover almost every house task. Only the list below.
    - No lifting items heavier than 20kg
    - No cleaning of areas outside normal reach
    - No dangerous climbing without ladder
    - No pets shower or cleaning especially dogs
    - No hand wash service for clothing and shoes 
    - No car washing or polishing
    - If ironing the clothes, kindly inform customer service for the arrangement. Additional RM10 will be charged. (Customer has to bear on any damages on clothes if without proper ironing instruction given to our cleaner)


  13. We will do our absolute best to be on time but due to traffic conditions or weather. We can sometimes be delayed by 20 – 30 minutes. Your cleaning session will start only when the cleaner arrived.

  14. If customer late or delayed the time, kindly notify customer service. The time will still count once cleaner reach your doorstep.

  15. We recommend customers to finish the cleaning within the time booking. After 10 min delayed, we have extra charges for that.

  16. We only provide manpower for this price, not include any cleaning tools and detergents. Extra charges RM50 for tools per trip. Ladder not included in charges.

  17. Cash Term preferred. Kindly pay cash to Cleaner after cleaning done.

  18. Kindly Book Only if you Agree to All the Terms and Conditions Above

Best Regards
Group Sdn Bhd

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